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New Beginnings

SOOC (main): 
1/2000   f/5.0   ISO 100
SOOC (second):
1/320   f/9   ISO 100
Edited (main): 

Edited (second): 

In all honesty, my main photo did not turn out exactly as I wanted. My main idea was to put footprints on an open asphalt road and shoot that. But the asphalt roads had too many shadows on them (because I shot this in the afternoon) and I did not have any black paper to make footprints with. If I were to do this differently, I might have chosen a different spot and made footprints. 

Reflectors and Diffusers

I used the white reflector in my photo.

1/320 f/8 ISO 100


Original (Unedited): 


Finished Product:

           Cyanotypes are so cool. Before this unit in the class, I had never heard of them. It takes quite a while and a lot of patience to create one photograph, whether it was objects on a piece of paper or a transparent negative. But with enough diligence, the end product is so pretty. The long process of making the cyanotypes only makes me appreciate the short and immediate process we have today with digital cameras. I would say that it did not turn out the way I wanted to, but it still turned out really nice. If I were to do it differently, I might have chosen a completely different picture with more distinct objects so they would come out better in the end. I also would do what I did for the second trial: use a sheet of glass to place over the photo as it sat in the sun. This way, I get a clear and crisp photograph.