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Assignment #19: It's So Surreal

Title: It's a Virtual Reality

What is the difference between real and surreal?             Real means that it looks real and it actually is. As in it is tangible and an actual thing. Something that is surreal looks real but is not.
What does it mean when someone says "It's so SURREAL!"             I, honestly, do not know. I think it is just another form of saying something along the lines of "that's so cool" or "no way!". 
Surreal Photo (that's not mine #1)
This isErik Johansson's photo. I don't know the title. But I really like it because of the concept. I like the idea that we could just paint a place we wanted to go and step through it. This photo came from an article and I read through it to see how it was put together... and he was committed. There was a lot that he put into this. The lighting is also really nice and it transitions from the living room to the grasslands really well. I think this photo is beyond well done. 

Assignment #16: Yo Paparazzi

Here it is! (Finally)

Assignment #18: Aaron Siskind

Shutter: 1/320 ISO: 100 F/stop: 13
Shutter: 1/320 ISO: 100 F/stop: 8
Shutter: 1/320 ISO: 200 F/stop: 8
When looking at Aaron Siskind's work, I am fascinated with the clarity and light of his texture photos. His photos have a lot of shadows but is overall very light. And those are the things that I tried to incorporate in my photos. All of the photos have shadows and I edited them to make them look light. They are all texture based because I am very into these kinds of pictures. 

Sketchbook #7: Symmetry


Sketchbook #6: Study of Seashells


Assignment #17: Text


Transparent Background: