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Assignment #33: Tryptic

Title: Wasted Sanity

Here's what it looks like black and white:

Assignment #32: Text and Self Portrait

So this is my finished project. I think it basically turned out the way I wanted. The quote I chose is actually from one my of my favorite movies. I remember watching it and when I heard that quote, I was like "Wow, I like that." So when you gave the assignment, this quote immediately came to my mind. So I basically formed my portrait around that idea.

Assignment #31: More MAD Photography

I chose to do the "Flower Photography" tutorial from MAD.

In the article, it talks about how "color is everything". So when choosing a subject, I chose flowers with interesting or eye catching colors. In editing them, I made sure the color came out in a way that is bold or interesting. In taking the photo, I made sure what I wanted was focused and I used a lot of Bokeh.

Assignment #30: Through the lens in an entirely new way...


Sketchbook #12: Drapery that isn't fabric


Assignment #30: Through the Lens in an Entirely New Way (Hockney Paragraph)

David Hockney 
David Hockney was born July 9, 1937. He is known for his abstract paintings and later photography. He adapted his artwork into his photography, taking his photos with the mindset of a painter. His paintings themselves exhibit bright colors and different shapes. In almost all of his paintings, there is some kind of plant or vegetation life. He presents perspective in ways that the average human never would have thought of and that is what made him a legend. I am particularly fond of how he applied this to his photography. His work is very pleasing to the eye in how there are small pieces that contribute to a larger, beautiful image. 

He also looks like Steve Carrell and Gru from Despicable Me. (who is played by Steve Carrell)